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Knit 100% Cotton



Non Medical Mask


Our 3 layered masks consist of the following

  • Upper layer - Whatever fabric is selected
  • Lightweight interfacing 
  • Layer on face of 100% Cotton 



Custom made to fit


Seals across the entire face

  • Fits snug across the nose covering gaps
  • Completely covers under the chin


Great for those wearing glasses

  • Glasses will not fog if nose piece is set to the correct size


Heavy duty nose piece

  • This piece will not move throughout the day once it’s adjusted to your desired fit
  • Glasses fit neatly over nose piece
  • This allows the mask to be reapplied without altering the nose piece


Super soft ear straps

The ear straps are made from one of Brace Buddies signature fabrics Bamboo Rayon / Spandex. They are very gentle on the backs of the ears. We do not use regular elastic or cotton because we found it to be painful after prolonged wearing. The pieces are just cut and left open without stitching because this provided the most comfort of all other options.


Neck Strap

  • Sizable
  • Gives extra support to the mask putting less strain on the ears
  • Made of Bamboo Rayon /Spandex so it is very gentle on the neck
  • Do you only wear your mask once then throw it in the laundry or garbage each time you take it off? Everyone I know (not in the medical field), reuses 1 mask throughout the day. Pull it down to the chin or take it off and tuck it in the pocket between outings or to have a drink or snack. The mask straps either pull extra hard on the ears or the chances of making the mask dirtier is increasedfrom putting it in a pocket with a dirty phone or keys. For this reason, I have added a new feature of a sizable neck strap. The neck strap has some awesome benefits: 1) it lets you rest the mask comfortably on a cleaner area, 2) it allows easy and quick access to put it on again when needed, 3) it provides additional support to securing the mask in place removing stress from the back of the ears. 4) it can be put on around the neck when leaving the house making it just like another accessory.


Peace with Flowers Pink Knit Cotton

  • Masks are not refundable and cannot be exchanged. All sales are final.

  • Machine wash on cold and dry on low heat. Cotton shrinks in the heat so be careful not to use hotter temperatures when cleaning. Do not use harsh chemicals that will break down fabrics and mask will last longer, Just like any quality T-shirt.

    Remember, you are breathing in whatever is on your mask for long periods of time. Be cautious what you use to clean your mask for this reason. We do not recommend bleaches, toxic cleaners or fabric softeners. You can hand wash if desired although using simple laundry soap in the washing machine is fine. Again, stay away from strong scented things as you will be breathing this in as long as you are wearing your mask.

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