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The Tie Back Clip will help to secure the top of the body sock to keep it in place above the chest.

This clip is intended to be worn with the body sock for braces that are below the chest.

This tie back strap may also support the body sock enough to prevent the need to wear a bra with the body sock and brace.


Clip Teeth

All the clips have plastic teeth, so they will be gentle on the fabric.


How to wear?

Put the body sock on as usual but place the seam in the front of the body. The clip will have a stronger hold if the seam is worn on the front of the body and the clip is atached to the seam. Tie the strap in the back. It is the same concept as tying a bikini strap.



The fabric on the Clip Strap is made of the same fabrics as the body socks.

  • Rayon Bamboo 90%/Spandex 10%
  • Cotton 92%/Spandex 8%
  • Micro Modal 90%/Spandex 10%
  • Rayon 92%/Spandex 8%


CAUTION – Are you sensitive to Metal?

Some people are sensitive to metals. If you’re sensitive or think you might be sensitive to metal, you may not want to use the metal clip 


* Images for this product are of the Brace Buddies Body Sock on a mannequin



Clip Strap Cotton

  • Regardless of the clip or fabric material, we recommend all straps be hand washed in cool water using a gentle detergent only. Do not use bleaches or harsh chemicals that can deteriorate the fabric or clips. Shake out any excess water from the clip and leave it open as it dries. Lay flat to dry.

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