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Have you ever heard of Higgy Bears?

Brace Buddies loves Higgy Bears!


Do you want to help make the bracing journey a little less lonely for someone you love? 

Did you know, you can get a matching mini brace for your loved ones special mini friend? 

Our friends at Higgy Bears make very special mini braces. You can buy just the brace or a new Higgy Bear friend who wears a matching mini brace.

Keep scrolling to see some of the mini braces we got from Higgy Bears!

We strongly recommend you check out Higgy Bears by clicking the link. You won't regret it!


If you decide to get a mini brace, don't forget to get the Mini Body Sock too!

**A portion of all Mini Body Sock sales will go to Higgy Bears Foundation.

Check out more details about the Higgy Bears Foundation by clicking the link.



Click below to purchase the Mini Body Sock.

Higgy Bears Mini Braces

worn with Brace Buddies Body Socks

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