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Here are a few comments from some of our customers... 

We got the body socks yesterday and I just have to say THANK YOU!  We love them! We put it on Maddy yesterday and she went out with it on, like out of the house... on her skateboard. with her girlfriends for the evening. That has never happened before! When she came home the body sock was soaked and so was she from all the fun and exercise.  I am over the moon.  I am going to order more today.  I just started with three cause sometime well most times she is super picky but she loves them!
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my mommy heart.  I have attached some pics for you.
Sincerely grateful

I want to shout it from the roof top how awesome this tube is!!!

Maddy in her Brace Buddies Body Sock and brace
Maddy in her Brace Buddies Body Sock and brace

My daughter loves the material with the bamboo blend. It helps keep her cooler. She loves the longer length and the ability to wrap around. If she bends over no one can see her brace if her shirt rides up. It has helped so much in getting her to wear her brace. It has given her not only more comfort, but confidence. Would definitely recommend Brace Buddies.

Barb SK

Brace Buddies are a brilliant invention - never stand in the way of a mom solving a problem! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The genius is in the simplicity of the design, matched with the luxurious feel of the fabrics and the lovely color range. To anyone reading this and wondering whether to try Brace Buddies, please do! We bought a couple at first to try different fabrics, and were so thrilled we got more colors. They are an every day staple in our house. It's such a delicate age, my daughter was just getting clothes and body conscious when she was diagnosed at 10. The idea that she can cover her brace with a fashionable tube top is just fantastic. Your product has made all the difference for her in terms of self esteem and compliance. In the summer, she can wear strappy t-shirts and dresses and stay cool and comfortable with her shoulders bare; in the winter her core stays warm and cozy with a thicker version, and she looks great with a brace buddy peeking through a flannel shirt or cardigan. Also, nothing snags on the brace's velcro straps, so no clothes get ruined. And best of all, most people don't even know she has her brace on! We have shared your product information with Curvy Girls groups (with Covid, my daughter now attends 3 different group meetings) and newly diagnosed friends, to everyone's delight. Kudos to you for creating such a great product, keeping our daughters happy and contributing so much to their brace compliance. Best,

Esther, New York

My daughter was so embarrassed about having to wear a brace. When we discovered this product she now has no problems with her confidence and loves wearing just the brace buddy and a flannel shirt!
Sarah G.
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My daughter just received her tops today and she immediately commented that she loves not having sleeves. The fabric is very soft, the seam can easily be adjusted to face the opening of her brace so there is no rubbing and she loves the layering look that the longer length provides. 


Thank you so much for providing a great option for kids that have to deal with the unpleasantness of wearing a brace.

Stacie H.

I don’t know how to thank you enough, Brace Buddies are the best thing we have found for my daughter to wear under her brace. She loves that they don’t just protect her skin, but cover the outside of the brace as well, which makes finding clothes so much easier. The care and love that went into the design are obvious to see. This is such a hard transition to begin with, but finding these seemingly small things makes ALL the difference. Plus we love that we get to support small business at the same time!

Thank you again, 

Casey, Ontario



I’m sure you realize this from experience, but having these has truly eased my daughter’s stress, and made shopping and dressing much simpler and happier!

Thanks so much!

Megan, New York




I wanted to share a positive story with you regarding your brace socks.  I purchased two for my daughter last year and we use them frequently!!  When we went for her brace checkup the practitioner assisting us was amazed at the quality of your product.  He had never seen anything like that and loved it, he asked if we could share where we ordered it from and of course I gave him your website information.  Thank you for making a great product and hopefully he will send more business your way!

Racheal, Florida



Thanks again for sure a great product to help her through this time.

Judy, Ontario


I found out about Brace Buddies when I was diagnosed with Scoliosis.

I love them because they are so comfortable to wear.  I had another t-shirt on underneath my brace  and my skin was getting irritated.  Once I put on my Brace Buddie my skin got better.

I feel more comfortable around people when I am wearing it.

                                                                                                                Dakota K. Age 13, Ontario



After her initial rejection of the brace buddy and our thinking the fit wasn’t right, we “let it go” for a few months. 

Then a couple weeks ago, my husband said to our 7yo daughter one night before bed, Hey why not try the brace buddy again. Wear it to bed. And she did. 

Completely different reaction from her this time.  It was the first time in almost 2 years that she didn’t have to have straps of an undershirt on her shoulders. She lay in bed and was giddy and giggling, so happy. She felt free. And I was able to feel her skin. I rubbed her upper back gently to help her fall asleep.

It was amazing. We’ve not looked back, we’ve been swapping out the 2 BBs that we bought and we need more! 

She loves that her clothes even fit better now with the brace buddy. Her brace undershirts always stuck out and you could see them. That does not happen with the brace buddy! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Please do share our story :)  

Honestly BB  has REALLY changed our daughter’s life, total game changer - and if sharing my words helps someone else and encourages them to give BB a try, it makes me so happy. 

Thanks again!!! 

Pam, Pennsylvania


The body socks I ordered for my daughter are the best things I could have purchased for her. She loves them. Finally, some confidence back! I tell everyone at the hospital how great they are and truly amazing and stress free!!

Maria, Toronto



Just wanted to let you know that we received the Brace Buddies last week and my daughter loves their silky feel! I love that they are long enough to stay put!


We just received our first Brace Buddies. My daughter's first reaction is that she loves the bamboo fabric.

Finally!! Brace Buddies has saved our daughters skin. She's more comfortable than ever in her brace. This product is awesome. We are so thankful for Brace Buddies.


Toronto, Canada

My daughter loves the body socks and they are a vast improvement on the Boston T’s she was wearing before - much more stylish and easy to wear. So thanks for the great initiative of brace buddies and for your very prompt and professional response to my query.


We already have one body sock from you that my daughter loves. But wondering what the best fabric for hot summer would be? (Bamboo Rayon is the most popular fabric for summer because of the cool silky feel)

I've attached the info I gave for the last 2 orders. …. please let me order 2 grey and 2 black of the extract ones .... She LOVES your brace buddies, it's been a life saver for sure!!:) ….Thank you soooo much,...


My girl LOVES her brace buddy. The bamboo is so cozy.


This is our 2nd order - my daughter loves them.


I made 2 orders from your website one in either July or August and then we loved the fit so much that we ordered some more in December.


Blessed that we found you and your company!  Forever grateful and thankful.


My daughter is the happiest I've seen her in months. Thank you for creating this product.



My son is having a hard time adjusting to his brace. So glad we found your body socks to make the transition and wearing the brace easier. Thanks so much. We'll be sure to order more!

Mike, North Carolina

We love the Brace Buddies! They are great!!


... the package arrived last night and they are perfect! I love that fabric swatches were included as well. The size, although it seemed long at first, seems to fit really well and My daughter loves the fabric. Thanks so much for your reply, I will definitely be back in touch to place a second order. 

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Jordan and why she wears Brace Buddies
Jordan and how she wears her Brace Buddies
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