My daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis at 13 years old with an initial curve of 23°. Within 6 months of being diagnosed during the “watch and wait” period, her curve progressed to 43° meaning it was definitely time to be braced. We quickly realized the limited clothing options available to her, the challenges faced while bracing and the negative impact this can have on a teens confidence, while having a positive impact on long term health and wellbeing.

                It’s a known fact, good brace compliance reduces curve progression and the rate of surgery in patients with scoliosis. However, the overall brace compliance rate for some patients is low because of the challenges these patients face while bracing. Unfortunately, lack of brace compliance can have a negative impact on the perception of the efficacy of the bracing process when in fact, a possible reason the brace may not be working is because the brace is not being worn according to the prescribed duration.

Here at Brace Buddies™ we are dedicated to supporting improved brace compliance through meeting the immediate bracing needs of comfort, protection to skin and clothing and more clothing options while helping to disguise the brace resulting in increased self confidence. Every shirt is custom made to order. They come in various sizes, lengths, fabrics and colours to meet each individual need.

We want to meet the pressing needs and help improve brace compliance for everyone, especially those that have real and immediate challenges with the brace. We hope to play an active role in improving the rate of brace compliance resulting in more positive long term physical and emotional health and well being.

At Brace Buddies we do not mass produce anything. All items are custom made to order just for you!

Let us know if you need any special adjustments.

We believe

Comfort + Protection + Style = Confidence

resulting in improved brace compliance!

Young or old, small or tall, for different braces worn for different reasons, all body socks are made to order!

If you need some special modification such as GI Tube access, please contact us or write in the order comments section.

Finding the new normal after bracing can be a difficult and trying time. Brace Buddies helps new brace wearers find and live their new normal! 



Brace Buddies completely cover the brace on the inside and the outside so the brace has absolutely no contact with the skin or clothing. This saves your skin from directly touching the brace and saves your clothes by preventing knits and delicate shirts from catching on the velcro straps. The body sock provides comfort while inside your brace and more clothing options for over your brace.

Brace Buddies can be worn with any brace that does not have straps going over the top of the shoulder or below the hips around the legs. All images on this site are of Brace Buddies being worn with these braces. Fit will be different for every wearer according to the shape of  their body and brace. Every wearer will find their unique way of wearing the body sock.

Jordan Slutsky wears Brace Buddies
Jordan Slutsky why Brace Buddies

Prices are in Canadian

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