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We believe the best formula to support improved brace compliance is...
Comfort + Protection + Style = Confidence

Our goal is to support brace compliance one shirt at a time.
Young or old, small or tall, for different braces worn for different reasons, all of our shirts are made to order!
If you need some special modification, please contact us or write in the order comments section.


My daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis at 13 years old with an initial curve of 23°. Within 6 months of being diagnosed during the “watch and wait” period, her curve progressed to 43° meaning it was definitely time to be braced.

We quickly realized there would be some challenges while bracing. She immediately felt limited with her clothing options. We never expected the brace would have such an impact on her confidence and comfort as well. We tried to keep in mind the  long-term positive impact bracing would  bring to her health and well being but sometimes that was hard to do.

It’s a proven fact (there are many studies to prove it!) that brace compliance can reduce curve progression and the rate of surgery in patients with scoliosis. So, that means, the overall efficacy of bracing is at risk if the brace is not worn as the doctor prescribed. We know the weight you feel when first diagnosed and the uncertainty that you feel being new to bracing. We also know first hand, not everyone is a candidate for surgery even though the curve might be over 50 degrees. Bracing might be one of the best chances you have to treat your Scoliosis and the window might be small like it was for us. My daughter was not a candidate for surgery even though her largest curve is well over 55 degrees. We only had a short 3 year window for bracing to treat her Scoliosis and prevent curve progression. So we are here to do what we can to help you be successful along your bracing journey.


Why did my daughter find the brace hard to wear? Why don't others want to wear the brace? Well, there are a few reasons we are aware of personally. The brace is big and can be bulky. It can change the body shape and clothing fit too. Depending on the brace shape, it is visible and pokes out of clothing around the neck and hips. It's hard to find clothes to fit over the brace that have the desired look. Many of the undershirts will cause painful indents, itching and rashes. The brace can cause chafing where it touches the skin. The brace straps can also catch on favourite sweaters and other shirts. After all that, of course the brace can negatively impact the confidence of teens. They want nothing to do with the brace and want to ignore that they have scoliosis. However, there are some Scoliosis Warriors who take great pride in their diagnosis and treatment, and show amazing strength and determination in supporting others. They bring awareness and encourage other Scoliosis Warriors to live their best lives. They know the brace, as difficult as it may seem is necessary for long term health and well being!! 

Here at Brace Buddies™ we are dedicated to supporting improved brace compliance through meeting the immediate needs of bracers. Needs like comfort, protection to skin and clothing and more clothing options while helping to disguise the brace. We believe meeting these needs helps to support increased self confidence and improved brace compliance.

Every one of our shirts is custom made to order. They come in various sizes, lengths, fabrics and colours to meet each individual need. Let us know what you want or need and we will be happy to work with you for the best design and fit to make your bracing journey more manageable. Let us help you find and live your new formal. 

Fit will be different for every wearer according to the shape of  their body and brace. 

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