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Brace Journals by Scolios-Us

Scolios-Us Brace Journals

Scolios-Us Brace Journals!

Our order is on the way to us, so we will soon have them here and available for you. This journal is an amazing support whether you are new to bracing or have been bracing for a while. The regular price for these journals will be $31.47. However, if you pre-order now, before they arrive, you pay only $29.97!

What does Scolios-Us say about their brace journal?...

"Our goal with the Scolios-us Brace Journal is not only to help you track your brace wear but also to help you track how you are feeling about bracing and everything else. While meeting your wear time goals is very important for keeping your scoliosis under control, we also realize that it is very important to take care of the rest of you. Bracing is not always easy, so we wanted to make it easy for you to track your good and bad days."

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