Everyone loves getting something for a little less!

Make note...

Discounts will be added and removed at random times. So, if you see a discount, it may be here today but gone tomorrow, unless there is a date provided. 


With COVID-19 sweeping through our world at an alarming rate, we know we will continue to go through uncertain times. Brace Buddies wants you to know, for now, we are open and operating as usual. We will continue regular operations as long as there are no interruptions to the postal service.


We understand, as the situation worsens, the average household income will decrease. Many of you are already feeling the negative impact COVID-19 is having on the economy. Some are understandably more concerned than others.


If you have been prescribed bracing as part of your medical treatment, you have also been told about the long-term health benefits of adhering to brace compliance. So, you know Bracing is not really optional. We all know bracing is expensive and that many bracing families have limited or no access to support from medical insurance. For that reason, Brace Buddies has cautiously priced all products at minimal cost while offering maximum quality. We want to make our products affordable to support brace compliance for everyone who is in the bracing process. Even though our profit margin is minimal, we want to do what we can for all bracers during this difficult and uncertain time. For a limited time only, Brace Buddies will be decreasing the prices of our Body Socks. Until April 30, 2020, Brace Buddies will be offering a 15% discount off Body Socks.


We hope this little bit of a discount will help those who are feeling financial strain. To take advantage of this 15% off discount code, please add code “BracingMatters” to your order.



Buy 5 Cotton/Spandex Body Socks - Get 1 Cotton/Spandex Body sock FREE

(use code 5forme)


Buy any 6 Body Socks - Get 1 FREE

(use code 6forme)


*FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over$150

*Canada and US residents only

**Bamboo Rayon , Rayon and Pattern Cotton are no longer included in the buy 5 get 1 free discount**

Do you work directly with clients or patients who wear a back brace?

Do you want to offer them a special discount code toward the purchase of Brace Buddies? 

Contact us to receive a special discount code specifically for your clients or patients

to be used toward the Brace Buddies purchase.

Are you a client or patient who wears a back brace?

Do you want a special discount code toward the purchase of Brace Buddies? 

Have the Specialist, Orthotist or Therapist you see contact us to receive a special discount code that can be used specifically by their clients or patients

toward the Brace Buddies purchase.

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