We want to be conscientious of the environment, sustainability, and ethical manufacturing of the fabrics we use while still offering the most comfortable products possible for bracers. We carefully selected our fabrics to ensure optimal comfort for any brace wearer. We try hard to keep our prices low to ensure affordability for everyone while still offering optimal quality fabric for you! We are proud of the products we carry and are happy to announce the Bamboo Rayon / Lycra and the Micro Modal / Lycra fabrics we use are made locally right here in Canada!  


For some time we, were on the hunt for new suppliers who would offer us luxury feel fabrics that are comfortable, gentle, and durable for our wearers. During this process, we learned a few things! So, we wanted to share more details with you to better explain our fabric choices! 


OK, we know understanding fabrics can be tough. For starters, very few fabrics are all “natural”. Even cotton has a process it must go through to become a yarn ready to be woven into a wearable garment. You can do your own research, but I’m sure, you will also find a lot of varying opinions on fabrics like which ones are best, softest, strongest, longest-lasting, most gentle, sustainable, and so on. We did not consider cost when making our decision on what fabrics we offer. We considered optimal comfort for the brace wearer!

When my daughter was bracing, she was hypersensitive to most fabrics. It took a few tries to find the best fabrics for her to wear with her brace. Our fabrics have a natural base and are breathable, soft, and gentle on the most sensitive skin. Is one better than the other? If I had to choose, I would have a tough time selecting one although, I can tell you the most popular is the Bamboo Rayon. Keep reading to help you decide which one you would choose!



90% Micro Modal/10% Lycra

Micro Modal is an amazingly soft, luxurious, breathable, lightweight, durable fabric. It is made from the pulp of beach trees. Have you heard of Modal? Well, this is MICRO Modal. That means it has an even finer and tighter weave offering an unbelievably smoother and even more luxurious feel without added texture or weight. With proper care, the fabric will not shrink and the colour will not fade. Modal and Micro Modal is becoming increasingly more popular for quality undergarments, luxury bed sheets, and baby clothes. For now, we will only be carrying one colour of the Micro Modal, charcoal. We'll see how sales go. If we have enough demand for this fabric, we will continue to carry this product and add more colours. If you want to request another colour or offer your feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Click the contact us button below.



92% Combed Cotton/8% Spandex


Combed cotton is superior in every way over regular cotton. It requires more work by treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn. The cotton is combed using fine, combing brushes which pull out the shorter fibres and impurities. The remaining cotton fibres are the longest and straightest ones, and once woven, produce a much smoother and higher quality fabric. Combed cotton is softer than regular cotton because it doesn't have any impurities or short protruding threads, and it is stronger than regular cotton because the combing process removes short fibers, which are prone to breakage. The straightened fibers join more tightly, leading to less fraying and unraveling. These benefits plus the additional work required during the manufacturing process makes combed cotton more luxurious than regular cotton. Overall, Combed Cotton is smoother, softer, a higher quality and a tougher fabric than regular cotton. This cotton does not have the same prickly effect felt by many brace wearers when they sweat in their brace while wearing regular cotton shirts.



92% Bamboo Rayon / 8% Lycra


Bamboo itself cannot be turned into a yarn to be used for garment making, therefor no garment can claim to be 100% Bamboo. The process to turn the Bamboo into a pulp to be spun into a yarn fiber is what gives it the name of “Rayon”. Bamboo contains a unique anti-bacteria bio-agent named "bamboo kun". This substance is maintained in the finished bamboo fabric as it is bound tightly to the bamboo cellulose molecule. This fabric is a magnificent luxurious feeling fabric next to the skin. This fabric is considered to be antimicrobial and antibacterial so even when you sweat, the smell would not be as strong as it would be with a synthetic or even a cotton fabric.

Bamboo Rayon is well known for its moisture-wicking properties. Moisture-wicking properties are awesome and work well for work out wear. However, even with moisture-wicking fabrics, you can still expect some sweat moisture to be trapped in between the body and the brace while wearing the brace.  The most important thing will be to wear the most comfortable fabric while the moisture is trapped! So, make sure it’s the best quality!

The Bamboo Rayon is the preferred choice by many Brace Buddies customers. It’s durable, high quality, super cool to the touch, and offers a luxurious feel.



92% Rayon / 8% Spandex


Viscose and rayon are derived from the ‘cellulose’ or wood pulp from fast growing, regenerative trees such as eucalyptus, beech and pine, as well as plants such as bamboo, soy and sugar cane. This cellulose material is dissolved in a chemical solution to produce a pulpy viscous substance, which is then spun into fibres that can then be made into threads, then spun into fibers or yarns that are used to produce a soft, smooth fabric. The term "viscose" is used throughout Europe and Asia and is an alternative term for the rayon name in the United States.

Rayon is considered a bio-based textile because it begins with wood cellulose (a natural element) but that natural wood must be treated extensively with chemicals to become a fiber. Other types of bio-based fabrics made from bamboo, plant or tree pulps are modal, lyocell and rayon. So, although rayon is derived from natural materials; it’s considered to be a semi-synthetic fabric.

Rayon is a versatile fiber and is widely claimed to have the same comfort properties as natural fibers, although the drape and slipperiness of rayon will feel different. It can imitate the feel and texture of silk, wool, cotton and linen and the fibers are easily dyed in a wide range of colors.


How to measure the body for the Tank Top Body Sock


Body Sock Length Recommendations


See below for more details on recommended length.

Preferences will differ between wearers. This is a guide only. 

*Widths will vary according to personal measurements.*

**Brace Buddies body socks are not designed for braces that have straps going over the top of the shoulder or with straps going below the hips wrapping around the legs.**


Everyone wears the body sock according to personal preference. Do you want to just wrap the brace to protect the skin and clothes? Do you want to have extra fabric to bunch hiding the brace and straps? Do you want to wear the body sock smooth? These are some things to consider when ordering.

Choosing the length: The Extra Long is very long. If you're unsure whether you want a lot of extra fabric to bunch, we recommend you start with the Long.

How to measure: Using a fabric measuring tape, measure around the body at the widest part of the chest, the smallest part of the waist and the widest part of the hip. If you do not have a fabric measuring tape, use a string to wrap around the body marking the length and measure the mark on the string with a measuring tape afterward. 

XXS (Extra Extra Short) About 21 inches long. It is intended to wrap various support braces less than 10 inches long. 

  • Recommended for an infant or toddler or with a brace NO longer than 10 inches

  • Meant to wrap brace completely covering brace to allow no contact with the skin or clothes

  • Best suited for very small children with braces no longer than 10 inches and no in or out of brace measurements over 20 inches 

Extra Short/Super Thin - X-Short/Super Thin is for short braces and bodies measurements less than 21 inches in circumference

  •  Recommended for braces NO longer than 12 inches

  • Intended for braces no longer than 12 inches at longest point

  • Measurements for the chest, waist & hips, both in and out of brace, are to be no larger than 20 inches

XS (Extra Short) -  X-Short is for short braces or very young children. X-Short is about 27 inches long

  • Recommended for braces NO longer than 12 inches

  • This length will wear like in images of larger brace and longer body socks

  • Meant to wrap brace only to protect the skin and clothing from having contact with the brace

  • Best suited to wrap braces no longer than 12 inches 

S (Short) - Short is meant for younger children with smaller braces, or for shorter braces. It can wrap the brace, protecting the skin and clothes. It is about 34 inches long.

  • Recommended for braces NO longer than 14 inches

  • Best suited for a brace no longer than 14 inches

  • To be worn smooth on brace no longer than 14 inches

  • Meant to wrap the brace only protecting the skin and clothing from having contact with the brace

  • (length preference may change according to wearer preference) 

M (Medium) - Medium is often worn smooth without bunching. Medium is the most popular length. It is about 41 inches long

  • Recommended for braces NO shorter than 12 inches

  • Best suited for a brace over 14 inches

  • Meant to wear smooth over brace around 17 inches

  • May be able to scrunch fabric on braces around 14 inches to further disguise brace straps

  • Intended to be worn with the outer top layer coming down over the top of the pant

  • Not recommended to use for braces shorter than 12 inches

L (Long) - Long can allow bunching depending on brace length and the way the body sock is worn. Long is the second most popular body sock length. It is about 48 inches long.

  • Recommended for braces  NO shorter than 13 inches

  • Best suited for a brace longer than 15 inches

  • Has extra fabric meant to scrunch and bunch to hide the straps on the brace

  • Or can be worn smooth over the brace longer than 15 inches

  • Intended to be worn with the outer top layer of fabric coming down over the top of the pant to look like the bottom of a tank top

XL (Extra Long) - The X-Long body sock is about 55 inches long. It allows enough fabric to bunch no matter the size of the brace.

  • Recommended for braces NO shorter than 15 inches

  • Best suited for a brace longer than 18 inches

  • Has extra fabric meant to scrunch and bunch to hide the straps on the brace

  • Intended to be worn with the outer top layer of fabric coming down over the top of the pant to look like a bottom of a tank top

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