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Shirt Length

Shirt Lengths

Why is it important to give us the Torso Height ("TH" is from the top of the shoulder to the bend in the hip)? 

We need to know this measurement to be sure our shirts fit just right. If we get the length too short, the shirt won't fold up over the bottom of the brace properly, If we get the length too long, there will be too much fabric folded up over the bottom of the brace. Either way, if we don't have the right measurement, the shirt won't fit as intended. If you want the shirt to be longer or shorter then the examples below, please add these comments to the order form. If you have questions, please contact us and we would be happy to help!

When you provide the "TH" we will make the shirt length according to that measurement. For instance the... 

Strapless Body Sock - will be the "TH" x 2 + 3" to 5" 

Tank Top Body Sock - will be the "TH" + 2" to 4" plus the length from the shoulder straps 

T-Shirt - will be the "TH" plus about 5" to 7"

Wide Shoulder Tank Top - will be the "TH" plus about 5" to 7"

Example 1 : If the "TH" is 14 inches long... 

The Strapless Body Sock would be about 31" long. 

The Tank Top Body Sock would be about 17" long plus the shoulder straps.

The T-shirt would be about 20" long.

The Wide Shoulder Tank Top would be about 20" long.

Example 2 : If the "TH" is 22 inches long... 

The Strapless Body Sock would be about 48" long. 

The Tank Top Body Sock would be about 25" long plus the shoulder straps.

The T-shirt would be about 28" long.

The Wide Shoulder Tank Top would be about 28" long.


We want to be conscientious of the environment, sustainability, and ethical manufacturing of the fabrics we use while still offering the most comfortable products possible for bracers. We carefully selected our special order fabrics to ensure optimal comfort for any brace wearer. We try hard to keep our prices low to ensure affordability for everyone while still offering optimal quality fabric for you! We are proud of the products we carry and are happy to announce the Bamboo Rayon / Lycra and the Micro Modal / Lycra fabrics we use are manufactured locally right here in Canada in the Toronto area!  


For some time, we were on the hunt for new suppliers who would offer us luxury feel fabrics that are comfortable, gentle, and durable for our wearers. Not too thin and not too thick! During this process, we learned a few things. So, we wanted to share more details with you to better explain our fabric choices.


OK, we know understanding fabrics can be tough. For starters, very few fabrics are all “natural”. Even cotton has a process it must go through to become a yarn ready to be woven or knit into a fabric to then be made into a wearable garment. You can do your own research, but I’m sure, you will also find a lot of varying opinions on fabrics like which ones are best, softest, strongest, longest-lasting, most gentle, sustainable, and so on.


Even though our bamboo and micro modal fabrics started out as plant-based, they are considered semi-synthetic because of the process they go through. Our fabrics started from bamboo and beech trees but because of the chemical treatment that makes them into fabrics, they are considered a type of rayon. Even though these fabrics are considered rayon, they are still incredibly breathable, soft, smooth, durable, high end and luxurious fabrics. We did not consider cost when making our decision on what fabrics we want to offer. We considered optimal comfort for the brace wearer. So yeah, our fabrics cost us more money but you're worth it!

When my daughter was bracing, she was hypersensitive to most fabrics. It took a few tries to find the best fabrics for her to wear with her brace. Our fabrics are breathable, soft, and gentle on the skin. Is one better than the other? If I had to choose, I would have a tough time selecting one although, I can tell you the most popular is the Bamboo Rayon. Keep reading to help you decide which one you would choose.

***MAY 2021 - We recently came across an article that talked about allergies to fabrics, called textile or clothing dermatitis. It's a form of contact dermatitis. Did you know some people can get red or inflamed skin, itchiness, rashes, sores, and even worse reactions to various fabrics? These reactions can come from natural and man made fibers. If you have severe allergies to trees or pollen or have had reactions to fabrics before, be cautious what you wear under your brace. After reading this article, we wanted you to know there is a chance this can occur with almost any fabrics. So, we say, keep an eye out for rashes under the brace area and know the irritation might not be from the brace itself. Regardless of what the fabric is and where you bought it, try another undergarment with a different fabric blend to see if that helps! Hindsight is 20/20, as we all know! I understand now this was likely the reason why my daughter struggled so badly with rashes in her early brace days. Thankfully they cleared up after I created Brace Buddies. We hope our fabrics help you too!

Why we selected our Fabrics
Micro Modal


88% Micro Modal/12% Lycra -

When we were running low on our fabrics, we took our time researching what fabric was considered the best. We were looking for the thinnest, most comfortable, durable fabric with an incredibly luxurious feel that was form fitting like activewear. We want what's best for the bracing community and want them to be more comfortable to ensure success with brace compliance. We saw over and over that modal was at the top of the list and that it ticked all our boxes and that micro modal was even better! We carried the charcoal micro modal as a trial and it sold well. It felt so luxurious with every cut. So, we special ordered a particular blend of this superior high end luxurious fabric that was manufactured here in the Toronto area.  


Micro Modal is an amazingly soft, luxurious, breathable, lightweight, durable fabric. It is made from the pulp of beech trees. The way the fabric is processed is what makes it a semi-synthetic fabric giving it the name of rayon.  


Have you heard of Modal? Well, this is MICRO Modal. That means it has an even finer and tighter weave offering an unbelievably smoother and even more luxurious feel without added texture or weight. Some compare the feel to a cotton-like silk. With proper care, the fabric will not shrink and the colour will not fade. Modal and Micro Modal is becoming increasingly more popular for quality undergarments.

** Please note...

Given the nature of the purpose for our shirts, we want to make sure they are able to stretch to maximum capacity. Also, as you know, all day long, these shirts are worn over rigid hard surfaces that lean against other rigid hard surfaces. So, for these reasons, the fabrics need to be as strong and durable as possible while still feeling absolutely luxurious against the skin. After I explained our exact needs to our fabric supplier who manufactures our specialty fabrics (the Micro Modal and Bamboo Rayon blends), they said they do not recommend a "true white" for our special order blends because it compromises the integrity of the fabric. To make it a "true white", the fabric needs to be treated and the treatment weakens the fibers. So, the "white" Micro Modal and Bamboo Rayon fabric will not be a "true white" because we want these shirts to last you as long as possible. The colour is slightly off white. 

Bamboo Rayon


92% Bamboo Rayon / 8% Lycra


Bamboo itself cannot be turned into a yarn to be used for garment making, therefor no garment can claim to be 100% Bamboo. The process to turn the Bamboo into a pulp to be spun into a yarn fiber is what gives it the name of “Rayon”. Bamboo contains a unique anti-bacteria bio-agent named "bamboo kun". This substance is maintained in the finished bamboo fabric as it is bound tightly to the bamboo cellulose molecule. This fabric is a magnificent luxurious feeling fabric next to the skin. This fabric is considered to be antimicrobial and antibacterial so even when you sweat, the smell would not be as strong as it would be with a synthetic or even a cotton fabric.

Bamboo Rayon is well known for its moisture-wicking properties. Moisture-wicking properties are awesome and work well for work out wear. However, even with moisture-wicking fabrics, you can still expect some sweat moisture to be trapped in between the body and the brace while wearing the brace.  The most important thing will be to wear the most comfortable fabric while the moisture is trapped! So, make sure it’s the best quality!

The Bamboo Rayon is the preferred choice by many Brace Buddies customers. It’s durable, high quality, super cool to the touch, and offers a luxurious feel. 



95% Combed Cotton/5% Spandex


Our classic Cotton jersey knit is a very popular fabric. It is strong and durable. Cotton is very comfortable for most people. Some prefer the lightweight but thicker feeling to the fabric. This cotton has a four way stretch. As this cotton fabric has only 5% spandex, it is not quite as stretchy as the Bamboo Rayon which has 10% Lycra (stretch), or the Micro Modal which has 12% Lycra (stretch). This cotton is smooth, soft, and very comfortable, yet tough and durable. 

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