We do not mass produce our shirts! Here at Brace Buddies every item is made to order

just for you!

1.       Select your preferred Fabric by clicking on one of the boxes below.

2.       Select the Length of Body Sock you would like.

3.       Choose the Colour of Fabric.

Brace Buddies Body Socks use more than double the fabric of other shirts. However, seeing as Brace Buddies was started by a Scoli Mom,  we understand how expensive bracing can be and are trying our best to keep prices low for you!

Prices  for the body sock will vary according to the length of the body sock and the fabric selected.

The prices will range as follows (depending on fabric)...

XX-Short (about 21" long and less than 21" around) $14.97 - $19.97 CAD

X-Short/Super Thin (about 27"  long and less than 21" around) $24.97 - $29.97 CAD

X-Short (about 27" long and larger than 21" around) $34.97 - $39.97 CAD

Short (about 34" long) $39.97 - $44.97 CAD

Medium (about 41" long) $44.97 - $49.97 CAD

Long (about 48" long) $44.97 - $49.97 CAD

X-Long (about 55" long)  $44.97 - $49.97 CAD

Once on the product page, select the correct length and colour to update the price.

**Please note, the images in the store are meant to display fabric only. They do not display the length of the brace or length of the body sock.

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