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Don't you hate trying to find a shirt with the proper fit to wear with your brace? Search no more. You found us.
To get the best fit, we need some measurements. It may seem inconvenient at first but understand, we do not mass produce anything!

Here at Brace Buddies, every item is made to order just for you!


Here are the measurements you'll need. 
"C" Size - The Circumference of the largest measurement around your torso. Just the body without the brace. Let us know the wiast as well.
"TH" Size - The Torso Height is the measurement from the bend of your hip or bottom of the brace to the top of your shoulder.
"SA" Size - The shoulder to armpit is the measurement from the top of the shoulder to under the armpit and back to the top of the shoulder again. 
"B" Size - The bicep size is the measurement of the largest part of the upper arm.

OR if you want to choose the exact shirt length and size you want, enter those details in the comments section.

Complete all fields and "Add to Cart". 
Prices change according to the "C" Size. Reach out to us with questions or add comments to the measurements section.


The images used to select the colour are intended to show fabric colour only. 


NOTES FOR SIZING!! – The shirts are made according to the measurements provided so take care to read the "How to measure" section.  measure each of the following. OR - Add the specific measurements you would like to the comments section.  


Loose Fit Double Layer (LF-DL-WS) Tank Top

  • The Loose Fit Double Layer Tank Top is made with 2 layers of fabric. One for under the brace and one for over the brace.
  • The layers are made of the same fabric colour. 
  • The underlayer is form fitting,  long, and custom made to fit your body.
  • These shirts are designed to be long enough to fold up over the bottom of the brace. If you do not want the shirt to have the extra length added, make note what length you want the undershirt to be in the comments section.
  • We use all the measurements to make sure the shirt is sized exactly right for you.
  • The finishes around the sleeves and neck are simple and flat so they also are not bulky. 


NEW FEATURE -  We have added the option to have a draw string placed in the shirt along the bottom hem to help the layer folded up over the bottom of the brace to stay securely in place. *If you want the draw string on the bottom hem, you can request this in the comments section of the order form. If you do not request this, the drawstring will  not be added. 


Tip 1. Get the colours you prefer to see in your wardrobe.

Tip 2. If you need something special, such as, g-tube access, please message us in the comments on the order page or in the Notes section of the Cart.


Loose Fit DL-WS Tank Top

PriceFrom C$43.67
If you want to take advantage of a sale and pre-order an out-of-stock item, your full order will be shipped once the out-of-stock items arrive and are completed.
  • All Brace Buddies fabrics can be washed in cold water by machine or hand washing. They can be tumbled dry on low, hung or dry flat. They should be changed at least once a day to ensure optimal comfort and durability. Do not bleach or use harsh chemicals. 

You'll receive your shipping notification within about a week of your order.
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