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Thin Strap Double Layer Tank Top

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Thin Strap Double Layer Tank Top

  • Do you have a brace that goes beneath the chest on one or both sides so you're not sure if the regular Brace Buddies Body Sock will work for you? Well, now you can enjoy all the beautiful features of the traditional Body Sock with the look and feel of a regular tank top.

  • There is a seam in each side of this shirt. However, the seam is facing away from the body to provide better comfort.

  • This double layer tank top disguises the brace allowing more clothing options.

  • This double layer tank top is made with two layers of fabric.

  • An inner layer will prevent contact between the brace and the skin.

  • The other layer will cover the brace, and act as a barrier so the brace does not have contact with the clothing. 

  • This shirt will save your regular clothes from getting snagged by the brace straps.

  • This shirt can be worn comfortably with and without the brace.

  • This thin strap double layer tank top looks amazing with and without the brace!

  • Keep wearing the shirt even when you are done bracing.

  • The Tank Top can easily be worn at school when needing to remove the brace for activities like Phys Ed.  

  • The sizable shoulder straps will accommodate individual shoulder height.

  • If you love the idea of the double tank top but still want the options to wear the strapless style brace shirt, you can check out our Body Sock Clips that can be worn with a regular strapless body sock.

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