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What does Brace Buddies want for you?

Regardless of the reason you are wearing your brace, we want you to be successful through the bracing process and increase your rate of brace compliance. 

Studies prove brace compliance plays a vital role in decreasing the rate of curve progression for Scoliosis. When worn as prescribed for other reasons, the brace supports improved health and healing. Here at Brace Buddies, we want to help address the immediate physical needs that prevent brace wearers from adhering to brace compliance.  

Common Complaints

preventing brace compliance & how Brace Buddies helps!!

Other clothes worn with the brace

  • Chafing on skin from brace contact and rubbing

  • Bruising from seams under padding

  • Brace rubs my skin

  • Brace rubs my legs

  • Itchy, scratchy, prickly fabric fpressed to the skin

  • Shirts crinkle and make creases in my skin under the brace

  • Shirts don’t stay in place and ride up inside the brace

  • Straps get caught on the clothes causing pulls and ruining shirts

  • Can’t wear flowing tops or dresses because brace shows

  • Can’t wear open neck shirts because other shirt and brace are visible

  • Fewer stylish clothing options due to other clothes under the brace

  • Brace too visible


How Brace Buddies resolves these issues when worn with the brace

  • Brace has no contact with the skin

  • Fabric stays in place or is easily adjusted

  • Single seam can be worn anywhere to avoid brace padding

  • Brace is less visible

  • Soft, high quality fabric

  • Many colours giving a less medical look

  • More clothing options

  • Protects clothes from brace straps so clothes do not get caught and ruined

  • Depending on brace style, may not need a bra

The body sock will not fit each individual wearer exactly as in the images above. However, the body sock will offer improved protection for the skin from the brace, the clothes from the straps and offer improved comfort and more clothing options increasing confidence while bracing!!

Our hope is to offer brace wearers...

More comfort while in the brace.

More protection for skin and clothes while in the brace.

More clothing options allowing wearers to keep their style.

Improved confidence from feeling better in the brace and looking good too. 

Does your shirt crease against your skin under your brace? 

The body socks are worn smooth to the skin removing itchy and painful creasing lines.

Do the shirts that you wear with your brace look and feel "medical"? 

The body socks are made of regular clothing fabric and have a regular shirt look and feel and offer a variety of colours to match what's in your wardrobe. Just because you're wearing a brace does not mean it has to look like you're wearing a medical device.

Do your shirts have seams?

The body sock has a single seam that can be worn on any area of the body where the brace is not padded. The seam can be worn in different areas each time which supports the fabric from having less wearing in one spot.

Does your shirt feel rough against the skin as it is being pressed into your ribs from the padding of the brace?

The body socks are made of long combed cotton, bamboo, and rayon of bamboo making them so very soft and kinder to the most sensitive of skins.

Does your brace rub against your arm or armpit?

The body socks prevent the brace from having any contact with the skin. Bye-bye rubbing plastic on your underarms. 

Does your shirt get stuck on the velcro straps of your brace? 

The body socks cover the straps of the brace preventing them from catching on your favourite knits and delicates.

Does your shirt keep creeping up under your brace? 

The body socks are long and wrap around the outside of your brace which helps them stay in place. 

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