The STRAPLESS Body Sock Brace Shirt

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BBBS - Brace Buddies Body Sock

  • The Body Sock is gender neutral.

  • This shirt is extra long and is meant to be worn as a double layer. A layer for under the brace and another layer for over the brace.

  • The underlayer helps to protect the skin from touching the brace. This helps to protect against chafing around the underarms and upper chest with higher braces.

  • The outer layer acts as a barrier between the brace and regular clothing preventing the brace from contacting the clothes. This shirt will also save regular clothes from getting snagged by the brace straps.

  • The body sock looks like a strapless tank top, allowing you to wear more clothing options like off the shoulder shirts or a t-shirt with any neck size.

  • This shirt will completely cover the brace, so it helps to disguise the brace. There is nothing shameful about wearing a brace but that does not mean you always want it to show with your outfits!

  • If you would like the Brace Buddy to come up over the chest but are unsure if it will stay in place because of the style of your brace, you may want to try the matching clip with the tie back strap. Another option would be to try the Tank Top Body Sock.

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We do not mass produce anything!

Here at Brace Buddies, every item is made to order just for you!

To get the fit of the Body Sock just right, you'll need these measurements for the order.

"C" Size - The Circumference of the largest measurement around your torso. Just the body without the brace.

"TH" Size - The Torso Height is the measurement from the bend of your hip to the top of your shoulder.


How to order- **Please add all requested measurements to the order or we cannot make the order!

1. Start your order with your "C" Size

2. Then enter the "TH" (Torso Height- From the top of the shoulder to the bend in the hip)


3. Select the Fabric (Click here for Available Fabrics)

OR, if you have ordered previously, OR you want to choose the exact shirt length and size you want, enter those details in the comments section.