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Double Layer Wide Shoulder Tank Top

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Prices vary by size.  

Double Layer Wide Shoulder (DL-WS) Tank Top

  • The Double Layer Wide Shoulder Tank Top is gender neutral.

  • The Double Layer Wide Shoulder Tank Top is made with 2 layers of fabric. One for under the brace and one for over the brace.

  • The layers can be the same colour or two different colour layers. 

  • They are special form fitting, extra long, custom made tank tops to fit your body.

  • These shirts are made a few inches longer than the body to allow the underlayer of fabric to fold up over the bottom of the brace. If you do not want the shirt to have the extra length added, or you want more than 5 inches added to the length, make note what length you want the shirt to be in the comments section. We will make the shirt according to your preference.

  • We use all the measurements to make sure the shirt is sized exactly right for you.

  • The finishes around the sleeves and neck are simple and flat so they are not bulky.

  • This shirt is manufactured to be reversible from front to back.

  • It is sleek and fit to your body.

  • We carefully designed this shirt to look and feel like a true undershirt for under your brace.  

NEW FEATURE -  We have added the option to have a draw string placed in the shirt along the bottom hem to help the layer folded up over the bottom of the brace to stay securely in place. If you want the draw string on the bottom hem, you can request this in the comments section of the order form. If you do not request this, the drawstring will not be added. We do not recommend the drawstring to be placed in the Double Layer Wide Shoulder Tank Top. 

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