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Click on a video below to see how they fit.

Jordan Slutsky How to wear the boy sock
Jordan Slutsky How to wear the boy sock

**Note, if the brace goes above the chest like the brace in the images below, there may be no need to wear a bra while wearing the

Brace Buddies body sock.**

The fit of the body sock will vary according to the brace and body type. Therefor, you may prefer to wear the body sock slightly different to find your best fit.

Once Anastasia got the brace,

we had a real hard time with regular day to day life as we once knew it.

No clothing fit right and nothing felt or looked good anymore.

Shopping was a waste of time and money. Now she was even more insecure, self-conscience and extremely uncomfortable. 

We tried to find something that would fit her but found nothing that would suit her needs!

Her brace was high in the armpits and low on the hips, she had sensitive skin, was getting bruises and rashes and wearing too many heavy layers all the time. Brace compliance was getting difficult and becoming a daily struggle. I knew something had to be done.



We had a few other prototypes before the creation of Brace Buddies body socks! When Anastasia tried this one, she said we had a winner. Then she asked for 2 in every colour!

We hope Brace Buddies can work as well for you as they did for us!

This photo is of the brace in the image to the left worn with the Red Extra Long Cotton body sock.

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