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Large Flap Tank Top

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Large Flap Tank Top

  • Do you have a brace that goes high under one or both of the armpits? This Tank Top will work for you.

  • Does your brace rub on your armpit? This shirt will add a protective layer.

  • There is a single seam in the middle of this shirt.

  • The shirt is reversible.

  • The single seam can be worn in the middle of the front or of the back of the body.

  • All shirts are custom made so you can select either one or both large flaps.

  • Depending on where the padding is on the brace, large side seams on shirts can get pressed into the ribs and cause discomfort. This shirt has no side seams to ensure optimal comfort. 

  • The flaps are oversized in the front and back to ensure full coverage of the armpit where the brace touches the skin.

  • The flaps are thin but they still provide a protective layer.

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